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Gate Repair in Piney Point Village TX.

Family owned quality automatic gate repair, wrought iron gates, and access control systems.

Lone Legacy Automatic Gates in Piney Point Village Texas provides residential & commercial gate repair for driveway gates, electric gate openers, wrought iron gates, security gates, and various access controls.  We strive to provide quality gate services at a price that meets our customer's budget.

Gate Services

If you are in need of gate repair or a new iron gate in Piney Point Village, one of our professional technicians will meet with you to look at the options and diagnose what needs to be done to fix it.  Most repairs can be done in the same day, but some may require ordering special parts which may take a little longer. If you're looking for new automatic driveway gates, garden gates, or a gate opener, we have multiple brands and designs for you to choose from.  



Iron Gates

A new custom wrought iron gate can leave a lasting impression on your property or business and we can fabricate a design of your choice, or you may browse our website to get some ideas.  We measure, fabricate, and install wrought iron gates in Piney Point Village, and can match it to existing wrought iron fencing or courtyard gates.  There's several options including slide, single swing, double swing, or cantilever, and with our experience we will suggest the appropriate type of iron gate for your application.  You can provide the gate design, or you may take a look at some of our designs to get you started.  When building custom driveway gates, we focus on quality & durability, and you can be confident that your new iron gate will last for years to come.

Automatic Gate Repair

When you choose Lone Legacy in Piney Point Village TX to repair your automatic gate, you will get professional service by a trained and reliable gate technician, and the highest quality parts available in the automatic gate repair industry. You can rest easy knowing that for years to come, your electric driveway gate will operate smoothly & safely.  Whether your gate chain has come loose, your gate opener has stopped working, or the gate has shifted and will no longer open or close properly, we have the solution for any of your Piney Point Village gate repair needs.



Gate Openers / Operators

We offer a variety of gate openers with brands including Viking, LiftMaster, Eagle, DoorKing, All-O-Matic, and more.  If you would like to add a new gate operator to your existing gate, one of our technicians will be happy to meet with you and discuss your options.  Having a new gate opener installed will provide a convenience you won't want to live without, enabling you to open and close your Piney Point Village driveway gate with the touch of a button.  We not only offer standard openers for slide gates & swing gates, but also have solar powered gate openers that are a great option if an electric outlet is not readily accessible.


Access Controls

Security gates are an important part of protecting your business, home, or parking structure, and having the right kind of access control system is critical to ensure your property is properly monitored and secured.  We offer several types of access controls for installation in Piney Point Village TX that include telephone entry systems, barrier arms, card readers, intercom systems, loop vehicle detectors, and keypads.  All of these can be integrated with your parking control system.  We install quality equipment that is resistant to the extreme Texas weather conditions, and we are well versed in repairing various brands of existing systems.




You can reach Lone Legacy Automatic Gates in Piney Point Village at (713) 853-5992 with any questions about your electric driveway gate needs.

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